Magna Grecia Tour

Magna Grecia Tour

Among hidden beaches and legends that come from the past, Calabria hides a shy and secret soul that will fascinate even the most experienced travellers. In this two-week itinerary up and down through the hills and cliffs overlooking the sea you will experience breathtaking sports, eat incredible food and go for a walk along the coast with romantic names, unforgettable villages, mystical places.

📍Lorica - San Giovanni in Fiore - Villaggio Palumbo - Camigliatello Silano - Papasidero - San Nicola Arcella - Romito Cave - Rotonda - Lavender Park - Morano - Civita - Rossano - Cirò Marina - Le Castella - Catanzaro Lido - Stilo - Pazzano - Bivongi - Gerace - Locri -TropeaSerra San Bruno - Caves of Zungri - Pizzo - Reggio Calabria

⏱ 15 days / 14 nights
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Some stages of the trip

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Travel itinerary



Arrival at the airport and collection of the rental car. Arrival and check-in at the hotel/ B&B/ farmhouse in Lorica. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner



Breakfast and a full day dedicated to the Sila plateau with wide expanses of pine trees, green pastures and the shores of the lakes Arvo and Ampollino. Walk along the lake and time to discover the typical Silane handicrafts in the pretty Lorica, tiny town that is reflected in Lake Arvo. Continuation to San Giovanni in Fiore, the largest center of the Sila, with the Florense Abbey built between 1215 and 1230 by Gioacchino da Fiore, famous because contemporary of Dante Alighieri who cites him as "the calavrese abbot Giovacchino, gifted prophetic spirit" (Paradise XII, 140-141). Typical Silane lunch break and continuation to Villaggio Palumbo. The town, also known as Palumbosila, is located on the southern shores of Lake Ampollino, at an altitude of 1320 meters above sea level in the mountains of Sila. Palumbosila enjoys an uncontaminated natural environment, with dense forests of larch pines and white firs, which combines the beauty of Lake Ampollino. It is possible to take a ride on the chairlift, to admire the view from above or to cross the lake by pedal boat. Return to Lorica for the overnight stay. *Free time for lunch and dinner

Or optional excursions in the morning Guided MTB or e-bike tour of about 3 hours in the unspoilt heart of Sila, along paths and picturesque villages, to discover the National Park. After the excursion, typical lunch in an organic farm. (the tour could be shared with other people)



After breakfast departure for the characteristic Camigliatello, along with Gambarie in Aspromonte the main ski center of the region. On the main street of the village you can buy local handicrafts, such as textiles and furnishings, carpets and tapestries from the nearby Longobucco, where the ancient art of weaving is still alive. Remarkable is also the offer of gastronomic products typical of the Silane plateau. Then direction towards Papasidero, a village of Byzantine origin. The small town is famous for the Grotta del Romito, a cave from prehistoric times where in 1961 three couples' burials were found, the first ever found in Europe, and especially the magnificent graffito depicting the "Bos primigenius", a prehistoric bull of 1,20 meters that surprises for anatomical accuracy and attention to detail, and is one of the most fascinating testimonies of the rock art of Homo Sapiens in Italy, dating back to about 10,800 B.C. Check-in at the hotel/ B&B/ farmhouse in Papasidero. Then walk through the streets of the ancient village of Papasidero to discover the real "urban treasures" as the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Constantinople built under a cliff that dives on the right bank of the river Lao or the Medieval Chapel of Santa Sofia, which preserves a cycle of important frescoes dating back to 1500. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner



Breakfast and a full day dedicated to San Nicola Arcella, a small fishing village and popular resort of the Riviera dei Cedri. At the foot of the village, a small bay is bathed by crystal clear waters with wonderful shades. A stretch of coast full of charm for its cliffs and caves that nature has created. This is the case of the famous Arcomagno Cave, which is enjoyed every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Not everyone knows, however, that San Nicola Arcella, in addition to the privilege of natural beauty, such as beaches and enchanting caves as the Arcomagno, also boasts historical and artistic beauty all enclosed in its historic center, a real jewel. Free time for relaxation and the sea and in the afternoon return to Papasidero. *Free time for lunch and dinner

Or optional excursions in the morning Departure for Scalea from where the boat trip to the island of Dino, the largest of the two islands of Calabria on the Tyrrhenian Sea will start. Naturalistic visit to the Blue Grotto, so called for its particular waters, and the Cave of the Lion, with its unexpected guardian. Sailing will continue towards the coast of San Nicola Arcella to admire the Arcomagno, a popular destination for its majestic arch that frames a fairytale bay, the natural harbor of San Nicola Arcella.



Breakfast and departure to visit the Romito Cave, site dating back to the Upper Paleolithic containing one of the oldest evidence of prehistoric art in Italy, and one of the most important at European level. Continue in a northeast direction, until you reach the slopes of Pollino, the mountain massif that closes to the north of Calabria, where we will stop in the village of Rotonda to visit the Natural Museum of Pollino, where are preserved the remains of an Elephas antiquus dating back to the upper middle Pleistocene (400,000 - 700,000 years ago) and an even older hippopotamus, which together with many other fossils of animal and plant type, and minerals that bear witness to the history of the area in prehistoric times. In the late afternoon return to Papasidero.

Or optional excursions in the morning Rafting, total duration cca 4 hours - or Canyoning, total duration cca 4 hours - or Trekking, total duration 3 hours ca - or WaterTrekking, total duration 1 hour and a half ca * the tour could be shared with other people 
*Free time for lunch and dinner



After breakfast departure for Campotenese, a hamlet of Morano Calabro, where there is a magical and special corner, the Lavender Park. In the park, which extends for about 3 hectares and now boasts 40 species of lavender, the activities are those of cultivation and processing into cosmetic products, herbal teas and fragrances for the environment. Its scents and colors make this an ideal place to welcome all those who want to spend moments of pure relaxation surrounded by the intoxicating scent of lavender. We continue to Morano Calabro, one of the most beautiful historical centers of the Pollino National Park and hidden pearl of Southern Italy, since 2003 is part of the circuit of the "most beautiful villages of Italy ''. It is unusual to find such a concentration of monuments and such a concentration of monuments and works of art in a small mountain village, hidden from the eyes of the world, from the snowy peaks that separate Calabria from Basilicata. Yet Morano Calabro closely recalls the famous medieval villages of Tuscany perched on the hills, real open-air museums. Continuation towards Civita, built on the slopes of the rocky spur known as Timpone del Castello and surrounded by a spectacular natural scenery, is still inhabited by the descendants of the Albanians who arrived here in 1467 in the wake of George Castriota Skanderbeg and is still one of the main centers of Arbëresh culture in Calabria. The visit of the Arbëresh Museum of Culture will help to understand the ancient customs and customs of the local people, such as the singular chimneys of the houses of the historic center, which symbolize the social status of the families who live there. Visit of the beautiful old town, where some houses are still "kodra", so called in memory of the Albanian artist Ibrahim Kodra who portrayed them. These particular dwellings are distinguished from the others by the curious morphology that reproduces the features of a human face, a reflection of the distribution of spaces within the house. Check-in at the hotel/ B&B/ farmhouse in Civita. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner



Breakfast and departure for Rossano, which takes its name from the red soil of the surroundings and saw the moment of greatest fame when Zosimo of Rossano was elected pope in 417 A.D. In Byzantine times it remained one of the main Orthodox strongholds of the region: the cathedral still preserves the fresco of the Acheiropoieta Virgin (in Greek: "not painted by human hands") as well as fragments of a mosaic paved in the twelfth century, similar to the mosaic of the cathedral of Otranto. But it is the purple code that represents the most important and unknown treasure of Rossano: a Greek manuscript of VI sec. d.C decorated with beautiful miniatures, produced in Palestine and brought to Calabria by monks who sought refuge. Before reaching Le Castella break in Cirò Marina in one of the local wineries for the tasting of wines and local products. In the afternoon arrival at Le Castella to visit the Aragonese Castle, a fortress built on an island in the middle of the sea connected to the mainland by a thin strip of land. Check-in at the hotel/ B&B/ farmhouse in Catanzaro Lido area. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner



Breakfast and departure for Stilo, home of the Utopian philosopher Tommaso Campanella, a village that in Byzantine times was the center of religious life, with numerous symbols that witness the encounter between East and West. Guided tour of the historic center and the famous Catholic church dating back to the Byzantine era, unique example in Europe, whose facade reproduces to scale, the great temples that are located in Anatolia, Armenia and Georgia. Its entire historic centre is rich in artistic evidence: the Chiesa Matrice (1300), the Chiesa di San Francesco (1450), the Chiesa di San Domenico (1600) and the Chiesa di San Giovanni Therestis (1625). Continue to the evocative sanctuary of Monte Stella di Pazzano, dug into the granite rock, destination of frequent pilgrimages. Inside you can admire the remains of a small Norman cenobium and traces of a medieval fresco depicting Saint Michael the Archangel. We depart for Bivongi to admire the picturesque waterfall of Marmarico, about 114 meters high, considered among the highest in Italy. Check-in in the hotel/ B&B/ farmhouse. 
* Free time for lunch and dinner



Breakfast, departure and visit of the village of Gerace, one of the most aristocratic cities of Calabria, which already in its toponym reflects the Greek minority area of the area, deriving either from the Greek ierax (hawk) or from Hagia Kyriake (Santa Ciriaca). Visit the interesting old town, the exterior of the Norman Castle, the Cathedral with its two singular apses and the Church of San Francesco with its splendid Gothic portal. Visit to the artisan workshops of the master potters and to the laboratory of hand looms to admire the precious fabrics worked according to the Greek-Byzantine tradition. Continuation towards Locri and visit the ancient Locri Epizephiri. The archaeological park contains significant evidence of the Greek colonial city and the center of the Roman age: the remains of the inhabited Centocamere, the theater, the Temple of Marasà, the sanctuary of Demeter Thesmophoros, features of the walls of the Greek age and the spa complex now known as the Museum Complex Casino Macrì. Then continuation towards Tropea, check-in at the hotel/ B&B/ farmhouse. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner

DAY 10


Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Serra San Bruno, tourist center, spiritual, craft and agricultural located between Sila and Aspromonte. The environment preserves intact eighteenth-century structures of its palaces, houses from portals in granite worked, loggias in carved wood and wrought iron railings. Visit of the historic center, the famous Charterhouse of Serra San Bruno, founded in 1091 by San Brunone of Cologne and the first Carthusian monastery in Italy. Lunch at a local restaurant. Serra San Bruno has a strong gastronomic tradition, ranging from tasty first courses such as "pasta alla serrese" to second courses with meat accompanied by a thousand varieties of fried mushrooms or in oil, and then continue with typical desserts such as " the 'nzulli" prepared with a simple mixture of water and flour amalgamate with toasted almonds that after cooking becomes fragrant and inebriating flavor. Then departure for Zungri to discover the origins of a lost world with "The Rupestrian Settlement of Sbariati", a village surrounded by nature from which you can admire beautiful views between ridges and valleys. A magical place, a journey through a thousand years back in time, in one of the most fascinating and characteristic places of Calabria. Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

Or optional excursions in the morning After breakfast at the hotel departure from the port of Tropea to experience an entire day discovering three islands of volcanic origin: Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli, considered among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. During the excursion free time for lunch. Expected arrival in Tropea in the late afternoon and return to the hotel. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner

DAY 11


Breakfast and free day. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner

DAY 12


Breakfast and free day. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner

Or in the morning Trekking on the Tracciolino:
In the morning departure from the hotel to Sant'Elia, the mountain that dominates the city and that the great poet Leonida Repaci defined: Palmi has a God on its side, the Monte Sant'Elia from whose thick top of pines you can enjoy one of the most fascinating views of the world. Tracciolino: “E” difficulty – loop trail – elevation gain “287” – estimated time “4 hours” Description: Also defined blue path, is a real "balcony" on the strait, proceeds halfway between endless vegetational wonders placed at each step with an almost unique background, can really take from the beginning to the end, the attention of every tourist, photographer, naturalist, passionate with a thousand different shots on this fantastic stretch of the Mediterranean. The gaze can range from Capo Vaticano to Scilla and the northern entrance of the Strait of Messina without neglecting the opportunity to peek at Etna and count one by one the Aeolian Islands, from the closest to the furthest. In short, a continuous breathtaking view, appreciated by tourists and hikers from all over the world. 

The excursion starts right from Monte S. Elia, the reference point are the three crosses, where a small path descends vertiginously on a ridge up to the dirt road that gradually becomes path and that will tighten to the point of becoming a real one-way often covered by ferns but that still allows a really special atmosphere. Continuing south we will leave the view of the town of Palmi because kidnapped by the sea and the many colors that the numerous coves will show. On clear days, you can really see all the islands and part of the north coast of Sicily at least up to Capo Milazzo, a true prelude to the cameras. We will then reach the most extreme stretch with a view of the bridge of Bagnara and then begin to rise and reach the panoramic plans of the Crown and then again after, return to the starting point. Return to the hotel and free time.

DAY 13


Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Tropea, the charming village with crystal clear sea with its Norman Cathedral, the noble palaces of the historic center and the famous Church of San Maria dell'Isola that dominates the sea. Transfer to the picturesque town of Pizzo for a walk to the Church of Piedigrotta, a treasure trove of art carved in stone, and a visit to the Aragonese Castle, remembered for the fearless leader Joaquin Murat. Free time for lunch, do not miss the tasting of the typical artisan ice cream "Tartufo" of Pizzo. Return to the hotel. 
*Free time for lunch and dinner

DAY 14


Breakfast at the hotel and departure to Reggio Calabria. Visit the National Museum of Magna Grecia with the famous Riace Bronzes and the old town to admire the other artistic and architectural works of the city. Then a walk along the seafront Falcomatà, which the writer Gabriele D'Annunzio defined as "the most beautiful kilometer in Italy". In the afternoon departure for Scilla, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, to discover Ruffo Castle, a fortification located on a rocky spur jutting out over the Strait, the churches and the many valuable works that characterize the historic center, and Chianalea, ancient and charming fishing district with houses directly on the sea. Return to the hotel. *Free time for lunch and dinner

DAY 15


Breakfast at the hotel and return of the rental car at the airport. Boarding for the return flight.

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€ 2385.00 per 2 people


€ 3276.00 per 3 people

with a deposit of only € 100.00 per person.

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   Planned or similars hotels

Selected hotels, B&B,farmhouses:

Lorica area: La Lorichella; Lorica Suite Lago; BB Perla della Sila or similar

Papasidero area: BB Lao; BB Silver Sleep; Palia’s; Al Verneto or similar

Civita area: BB La Ginestra; BB Comignolo di Sofia; BB La Sentinella or similar

Catanzaro Lido area: Country Farm Borgo Piazza; Il Casolare; Borgo Santa Lucia or similar

Bivongi area: BB Antico Casale; BB L’Orto degli Ulivi; BB Piccola Dimora; Villa Vittoria or similar

Tropea area: Calabrisella Hotel; Piccolo Grand Hotel; Villa Florio Country House; Pirapora; Don Carlo Agriturismo di Charme Bio or similar

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